Warwick Dunn


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Professor in Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics
School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT, U.K.

Prof. Warwick (Rick) Dunn obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology at The University of Hull followed by a PhD at BP Chemicals and The University of Hull focused on the placement of mass spectrometers on industrial chemical process plants. He has developed a passion for academic life and from 2003-2012 he worked at The University of Manchester, first as a post-doctoral researcher with Professor Douglas Kell and then as a Lecturer in Metabolomics. He moved to the University of Birmingham in early 2013 and is currently a Professor in Metabolomics, Director of Mass Spectrometry in Phenome Centre Birmingham and Director of the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre. Warwick has performed metabolomics research for 19 years and has concentrated his research on analytical and software tool development and their application in untargeted and targeted assays. He has a passion for maximising metabolite annotation in untargeted studies and has developed tools for conversion of m/z to putative metabolite annotations (PUTMEDID_LCMS) and in optimal acquisition of MS/MS data. Away from development work he focuses on the study of metabolism during human ageing and in human diseases to understand pathophysiological mechanisms and identify prognostic or diagnostic biomarkers for stratified medicine. Warwick is currently Associate Editor (Reviews) for the journal Metabolomics and is a past-director of the Metabolomics Society (2010-2015). Warwick has published greater than 120 peer-reviewed papers (>12,500 citations) and 6 book chapters.