These tutorials were generously donated by workshop presenters.

Workshop presentations at the 5th Annual Metabolomics Society Meeting, Edmonton (August 30 - Sept 2, 2009)

Risto Kauppinen, Dartmouth College
In Vivo Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy : A Metabolomics Persoective
Tutorial (© Risto Kauppinen)

Jeff Xia, University of Alberta
Metabolomics Data Processing and Statistical Analysis
Tutorial (© Jeff Xia)

Christopher Steinback, EBI
Chemoinformatics and Metabolism
Tutorial (© Christopher Steinback)

David Wishart, University of Alberta
Pathways and Statistics
Tutorial (© David Wishart)

Robin Haw, Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Reactome: A knowledgebase of human biological pathways and processes
Tutorial (© Robin Haw)

Ute Roessner, University of Melbourne
Sample Prep for Metabolomics Experiments - Plant Tissues
Tutorial (© Ute Roessner)

David De Souza, University of Melbourne
Metabolite Extraction for Microbial Samples
Tutorial (© David De Souza)

Rick Dunn, University of Manchester
Investigating human phenotypes - sample collection and preparation for blood, urine and mammalian tissue
Tutorial (© Rick Dunn)

Daniel Jones, Michigan State University
Preparation of tissues and specialized cell types for metabolite profiling using LC/TOF MS and laser desorption ionization imaging
Tutorial (© Daniel Jones)

Mark Viant, University of Birmingham
High mass accuracy and resolution: key specifications in mass spectrometry based metabolomic
Tutorial (© Mark Viant)

Thomas Hankemeier, Netherlands Metabolomics Centre
The role of liquid chromatography- mass spectrometry (LC-MS) in metabolomics: basics & perspectives
Tutorial (© Thomas Hankemeier)

Dave Heywood, Waters Corp.
Introduction to a 2nd Generation Quadrupole-IMS-oaTOF
Tutorial (© Dave Heywood/Waters)

Robert Trengove, Murdoch University
GC/MS Workshop
Tutorial (© Robert Trengove)

Workshop presentations at the 4th Annual Metabolomics Society Meeting, Boston (September 2-3, 2008)

Oliver Fiehn, UC Davis Genome Center
Quality Control in GC/MS Based Metabolite Profiling
Tutorial (© Oliver Fiehn)

Oliver Fiehn, UC Davis Genome Center
GC/MS Libraries: Comparing Quadrupole and TOF Mass Spectrometry
Tutorial (© Oliver Fiehn)

Roy Goodacre, University of Manchester, UK
Multivariate Statistical Analyses and Machine Learning
Tutorial (© Roy Goodacre)

Jules Griffin, Cambridge University, UK
Pulse Sequences and Spectral Editing for NMR Based Metabolomics
Tutorial (© Jules Griffin and Jeff Troke)

John Newman, USDA Western Human Nutrition Center
Quality Control Principles in Sample Preparation
Tutorial (© John Newman and Theresa Pedersen)

Arthur Castle, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)/National Institute of Health
The NIH Roadmap to Understanding Biological Pathways and Networks with Metabolomics
Tutorial (© Arthur Castle)

Stephen H. Bryant, National Institute of Biological Sciences
PubChem: A Public Repository for Chemical Biology Screening Results
Tutorial (© Stephen H. Bryant)