Model Organism Metabolomes Task Group

The remit of this newly forming Task Group is to leverage upon the critical mass of research activity that surrounds established model organisms, i.e., to focus metabolite identification efforts on the identification of Model Organism Metabolomes (MOMs). Such activity would complement the work conducted by the Metabolite Identification Task Group, and parallels the approach used by the proteomics community, specifically HUPO and their Initiative on Model Organism Proteomes (iMOP). We aim to (1) integrate disparate model organism-focused research groups into a Model Organism Metabolomes community and promote interactions between these groups; (2) share, discuss and coordinate analytical and bioinformatics strategies to progress the annotation and identification of Model Organism Metabolomes (including polar metabolites and lipids), ideally resulting in best practice strategies. This will be achieved through targeted publications, dissemination of information through MetaboNews, and a discussion group on the Metabolomics Society’s new Metabolomics Forum.

Mark Viant
University of Birmingham (UK)
Peter Karp
SRI International (USA)
Irwin Kurland
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA)
University of Florida (USA)
Wageningen University (Netherlands)
CEA Saclay (France)
HighChem (Slovakia)
University of Alabama (USA)
RIKEN (Japan)
European Bioinformatics Institute (UK)
European Bioinformatics Institute (UK)
Noble Foundation (USA)