Metabolomics Society Board

Jessica Lasky-Su
Society President
Brigham and Women's Hospital (USA)
Fabien Jourdan
Society Secretary
INRA - French National Institute for Agricultural Research (France)
Baljit Ubhi
Society Treasurer
Sciex (USA)
Natasa Giallourou Imperial College London (UK)
Roy Goodacre University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Horst Joachim Schirra University of Queensland (Australia)
Caroline Jones  
Marine Letertre
Chair, EMN
Corsaire metabolomics platform, Biogenouest (France)
Matej Oresic Örebro University (Sweden)
Daniel Raftery University of Washington (USA)
Stacey Reinke Edith Cowan University (Australia)
Fidele Tugizimana University Of Johanesberg & Omnia Group Ltd (South Africa)
Ralf Weber University of Birmingham (UK)
Michael Witting Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen (Germany)
Julian Griffin
Immediate Past President
University of Cambridge (UK)
Krista Zanetti
Immediate Past Secretary
National Cancer Institute (USA)
Nichole Reisdorph
Immediate Past Treasurer
University of Colorado (USA)


Responsibilities of the Elected Directors

The Society is led and operated through the voluntary efforts of the member-elected Board of Directors. Directors serve for two years when elected, and may stand for a second 2-year term if they desire. While this provides motivated individuals a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the activities, communications and ultimately growth of our metabolomics community, it requires a certain level of dedication and commitment on the part of each Director. Directors often face a time commitment of typically 2 hours per week, but sometimes this can be much larger for special activities such as helping organize the annual meeting or chairing a Committee (each Director is expected to serve on at least two committees or task groups, and in many cases to Chair such a group). In addition there are the bimonthly Board Meetings.

Board Member Benefits

The Society is led by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time to ensure the fulfilment of its mission. Directors are not paid, but their work is recognised by a small number of benefits listed here. Each Director is entitled to:

  • Free annual membership of the Society
  • Free registration at the Society's annual conference
  • Free attendance at the annual dinner for Directors

Directors are eligible to receive all the usual benefits applicable to normal members of the Society. Directors are not entitled to any other benefits, such as free hotel or travel costs to the annual conference or any other meeting (unless through other mechanisms, e.g. as an invited plenary speaker). Depending on the conference budget, a free or discounted room at the conference may be provided to the President, in order to facilitate Society meetings.