Other Awards

Metabolomics 2014, Tsuruoka, Japan, 23-26 June 2014

Agilent Outstanding Investigator Awards:
1st Place: Patrick Pollard, University of Edinburgh
2nd Place: Oliver Jones, RMIT University

Royal Society of Chemistry - Metabolomics Society joint Meeting, Analytical Tools for Cutting Edge Metabolomics
30th April 2014, London, UK

Metabolomics Society Early Career Travel Awardees:
Arthur David, University of Sussex
A new approach for high throughput (xeno)metabolomics based on solid phase extraction and nanoflow liquid chromatography-nanoelectrospray ionisation mass spectrometry

Aoife O'Gorman, University College Dublin
Habitual dietary intake impacts on the lipidomic profile

Justin van der Hooft, University of Glasgow
Robust annotation of metabolite identity - maximizing the structural information from metabolites using mass spectrometry fragmentation approahces

Metabolomics Society Best Talk Prize:
Aoife O'Gorman, University College Dublin.

Nobel Foundation Award Winners 2014

  • Best Young Investigator Plant Metabolomics Poster: Tetsuo Ketsuragi, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  • Best Young Investigator Plant Metabolomics Oral: Alexandra Wenzel, Technische Universitat München

Noble Foundation Award Winners 2012

  • Anna Staszków (Polish Academy of Sciences) - Changes of phenolic secondary metabolites profiles in lupine leaves after infection with pathogenic fungus or/and elicitation with fungal toxin
  • Alan Pilon (UNESP) - Chemometric-assisted tool on plant metabolomics: Chemotypes distribution from Solanum species using PARAFAC-HCA method.

NIH Travel Award Winners 2012

  • Hamid Baniasadi (Purdue University) - Targeted Metabolic Profiling of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Hepatitis C using LC-MS/MS
  • John Meissen (University of California, Davis) - Metabolomics Analysis of Cultured HepG2 Liver Cell Line Reveals Fructose Structure and Hexose Concentration Dependent Changes in Metabolite Profiles
  • Marshall Reaves (Princeton University) - A novel degradation mechanism, not feedback to CarAB or PyrBI, maintains pyrimidine end-product levels in Escherichia coli
  • Jing Fan (Princeton University) - Quantitation of Intracellular Metabolic Fluxes in Cancer Cell Lines
  • Samitra Pati (Claflin University) - Metabolomic Study of Neuropeptide Y and Corticotropin-Releasing Treatment in an Immortalized Rat Hypothalamic Cell Line
  • Reid Gustafson (University of California, Davis) - Functional analysis of the methyl jasmonate signaling pathway in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Jennifer Hurley-Sanders (North Carolina State University) - Use of 1H-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Investigate the Metabolic Profile of the Freshwater Bivalve Elliptio complanata.
  • Lashia Wilson (Claflin University) - Metabolic Profiling of Human Serum in Relation to the Presence of Human Papillomavirus